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Mainstream media reporting on the cost of cheap food
August 25, 2009, 8:56 pm
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Time Magazine recently published an article on the industrial food system. Click here to read. It reports on subsidies to the industry, the growing alternatives to this system and other aspects of our industrial food system – all of which Food Inc. focused on. It’s great to see a mainstream magazine, and not just a small, independent film, covering these issues. A great, positive sign of the state of the food debate in the US right now.


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It’s great to hear that the Gillings Sustainable Agriculture Project is reviewing information on trends in local farmer sales to restaurants and other institutional customers throughout NC. This brought to mind the recent article in last Sunday’s Chapel Hill News, which described the challenges of the new executive chef for UNC Hospitals, who is determined to improve hospital food by getting rid of junk food and chain brands. The article cites this as their new food philosophy, and furthermore, that UNC Hospitals are determined to “raise the bar on quality” I suppose this is a start, although why should a hospital’s food service ever have included fast food franchises? If the Gillings Project research can help provide awareness and ultimately opportunities for local farms to be involved with UNC Hospitals, then the “bar on quality” will truly be raised!

Comment by Sandy

The CEFS statewide local food initiative has also been doing a lot of work to cross the barriers in order to get local food into institutional markets. Hopefully the new, sustainable food policy council (which just passed) will help to increase movement towards this. Thanks for your comment!

Comment by Gillings Sustainable Ag Project

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