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Michael Pollan on Health Care Reform and What We Eat
September 28, 2009, 4:39 pm
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I recently read a study that estimates that one in three Americans will have Diabetes by 2050. Diabetes Type II will account for 90 to 95% of these cases; Type II is directly related to obesity and lack of physical activity. A healthy diet could prevent the onset of this disease while helping to decrease the enormous amount of health care costs that arise from it. And a healthier diet could consist partially of eating locally produced food. One aim of The Gillings Sustainable Agriculture Project is focusing on the connection of eating locally and an increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables – which of course are key to a healthy diet. But what does health care reform mean for what we eat? Take a look at this  interesting op-ed piece in The New York Times by Michael Pollan that looks at the connection between health care reform and the potential consequences within the food industry. He asserts that if health insurance companies are forced to cover everyone, regardless of their health, they will inevitably be inclined to take a more proactive approach to improve people’s health.


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