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Happy Thanksgiving
November 24, 2009, 9:23 pm
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Mary James owner of Dogwood Nursery holding one of her turkeys, photo courtesy of Kavanah Ramsier

Mary James, owner of Dogwood Nursery Farms in Pender County, holding one of her turkeys. Photo courtesy of Kavanah Ramsier

Personally, I wished we celebrated Thanksgiving every month. Maybe even every week. It seems strange that there is only one formal holiday set aside to give thanks for our family, friends, and the food on our plates. Not that you can’t do this every week, it’s just that there is only one day nationally celebrated as such.  So take advantage of it. This Thanksgiving, when you’re sitting down to a table full of traditional Thanksgiving fare or whatever it is that you eat that day, take a moment to appreciate the food you are eating by trying to comprehend the story of your meal, not some romanticized tale, but how it really came to be on your plate. And if you buy some parts of your dinner from a local farmer, I guarantee that the story will be a lot less complicated and will probably have a lot less gaps.  And it won’t require a Google search! Because you can know that if you buy lettuce from say, the Soehner family of Eco Farm (a seller at The Carrboro Farmer’s Market), the money that you hand them will go directly to their family and farm.  If you talk to one of them for only a minute, you can find out that it was grown without pesticides less than twenty miles away from downtown Chapel Hill.  And that’s an easy, nice tale to tell about some of the food you are enjoying. So support a North Carolina farmer this Thanksgiving and have a wonderful, restful, holiday!


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