The Gillings Sustainable Agriculture Project: A Gillings Innovative Laboratory

Aim 4: Economic Analysis
Customers at a Busy Farmers Market

customers at a busy farmers market

4A: Farmers Markets:

  • A team of researchers led by Mitch Renkow, Agriculture and Resource Economics Professor at NC State, surveyed vendors at farmers’ markets in early fall.
  • The research addresses the factors that motivate farmers to produce for local markets, whether there are any differences in their production practices for marketing locally versus through conventional channels , and the profitability of orienting their activities in this direction.
  • During this research, we’ve also collected price comparison data from farmers markets and nearby grocery stores in order to address the question of how local foods compare in cost to other options.
  • This spring, we will survey customers at farmers’ markets to get a sense of what leads them to shop at the market instead of at more traditional retail outlets.

Read this post to learn more.

4B: Geolocator:

  • A market geolocator tool is being developed by the computer scientists at the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) to help farmers’ markets select ideal site locations in order to reach target consumers.
  • The creative team is working on this aim to identify data sources that determine measurements of success for farmers markets and how to access those statistics and then best incorporate that information into the tool.

Read this post to learn more.


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