The Gillings Sustainable Agriculture Project: A Gillings Innovative Laboratory

Anna Child

Anna Child graduated from The Colorado College in 2006. First exposed to agriculture by her father who worked for the United States Department of Agriculture, Anna grew up living overseas, mostly in Tokyo, Japan. She studied sustainable development with a focus on farming while living in northeastern Thailand during college. After graduating, Anna moved to western Maine where she worked as a forest ecology teacher. Currently, she works with Slow Food Triangle bringing food education into schools and as The Gillings Sustainable Agriculture Project Coordinator. She is particularly interested in food access disparities and nutrition education for children.

Anna’s favorite food memory is while traveling in Thailand, at a time when she greatly missed two things; her family and pasta. As luck would have it, she met a gregarious Italian who offered to share a bag of buccatini he had been carrying in his backpack since he left Italy. A Thai farmer donated some tomatoes and garlic, and an impromptu midnight spaghetti dinner ensued.


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Nice meeting you at the CFSA conference. Alex and Brad have been a pleasure to work with on this project and we look forward to seeing more of this research take shape. Shoot me an email so we can stay in touch.


Comment by Christopher Rumbley

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